I haven’t used my tablet in a while …… i’m trying to be more messy with my brushes haha my sketchbooks are ridiculous at the moment ……….

Hello, I really liked that sketch you did of a person with black hair and pinkish skin (you posted it about a week ago) and I just wanted to ask you what you used to color it, especially the red lines on the face. I see the copic markers in the background but I thought the nibs of those were too big to make such detailed lines (unless there are copics with really small nibs?). Thank you for taking the time to read.

Hello!! Thankyou very much I’m glad you like it ♡ For the red lines I actually used a mechanical pencil with red lead (size 0.5) !! It cost me about £3.50 for a small tube of lead but it was worth buying :)

buck buck bucky

some sebstans!! still trying to get used to drawing his wonderful face ♡

please draw 4ever the world needs to be graced by ur art for the rest of time

What the heck you’re so kind, thankyou!!! ; c ;

quick redraw of my non-binary swampy witch character hehe

my camera really skews the proportions of my sketches ;; ….. anyway, here’s my precious baby boy

Hello, I'm just here to wish you a good day and send you some flowers ✿✿✿

/// v\\ thank you anon!!!

boring oc with pretty nips <3